January 28, 2021


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Poker is one of those games that you learn to love more the more you play it. There are many reasons for its steadily rising popularity. One of them is the chance of winning massive amounts in the tournaments. The sheer challenge of winning any of these makes people get excited.

Poker Games

World Series of Poker

More known as the WSOP, it is one of the biggest poker tournaments. It is a thrilling event that happens worldwide, with thousands of players competing for the final jackpot. The following are the variants of WSOP:

  • WSOP Las Vegas
  • WSOP Online Poker
  • WSOP US Circuit
  • WSOP Europe Circuit
  • WSOP International Circuit

The first WSOP played was in 1970. Benny Binion invited seven of the best poker players to Horseshoe Casino. There was a set start and stop time for the single tournament. Unlike today, a secret ballot of the seven players determined the winner. Each year, they continued to play with an increasing number of players. Today, WSOP is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world.

World Championship of Online Poker

WCOOP is one of the biggest poker tournaments conducted online. Players all across the globe compete in this tournament sponsored by PokerStars. WCOOP happens on the PokerStars site annually every September. It started in 2002 as the online equivalent of WSOP. Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular among its offered variety of games. Texas Hold’em Poker is available in several versions: Limit, Pot-Limit, and No-Limit. Seven Card Stud, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, Omaha, and Five Card Draw are some of the other featured games.

Triton Super High Roller Series

Conducted in various parts of the world, it is the sixth-largest poker tournament in terms of the prize pool. It is the top Poker tournament when it comes to the highest amount given to a winner. Most players of this expensive tournament are businessmen and professional poker players. Although it is not a tournament for everyone, many viewers watch the best play against each other.

Most players play at online casinos, such as https://ebolafc.net/, to prepare themselves before joining a tournament. You can only get better when you play more games. There are many things you can learn from other players. You can even ask for tips and strategies from other professional players. Plenty of guides are easy to get now through the help of the internet. You only need to understand when and how to use the strategies you learn.